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SA164 Splitter Amplifier

The SA164F is a single input 4 Way VHF/UHF Splitter Amplifier. It incorporates F connectors.

Splitter Amplifiers are primarily designed to split and amplify signals that are of acceptable quality to one outlet ‘unamplified’, but when split to two or more, noticeable deterioration is present. Kingray provide a complete range for all applications. The latest release of splitter amplifiers have been designed for superior performance within the digital and analogue terrestrial environment. The characteristics of the components selected provide a very low noise figure, a high output level and high return loss.


F Type masthead designed to amplify separate VHF and UHF antennas or a combined VHF/UHF antenna. it will suit all digital applications whilst continuing to consider analogue requirements for the years to come and are available in shielded and non-shielded models. A jumper link has also been used to carry out the combined or separate input feature as well as the power pass feature on our UHF models. it also be powered by either 14 Volt DC, 17.5 or 22 AC. The increased use of Surface Mount technology has resulted in the ability to produce a smaller PCB with increased reliability and performance.

FL3BPMH Diplexer/Triplexer

The FL3BPMH is a passive bandpass filter/combiner with 1,2 and/or 3 inputs. It is designed to pass standard TV bands with an insertion loss of
< 2 dB, whilst rejecting unwanted out of band signals, including AM, 26/27 MHz CB radio, FM radio (switchable), paging, police radio, 477 MHz CB radio and mobile phones CDMA and GSM. There is also a -12 dB low band attenuator included.
The FL3BPMH may also be used backwards as a low insertion loss band separator.

PSK08 17.5 V AC 100 mA Power Supply

Kingray’s power supplies have constantly maintained their reputation asthe highest quality and most reliable power supplies to the antenna industry.They feature posistor protection circuitry and fully comply with Australian andNew Zealand Energy Standards.

PSK06 14V DC 150 mA Power Supply

Kingray PSK06 14V DC 150 mA power supply adaptor is ideal for replacement of lost/mislaid power supply injectors to suit most TV amplifiers.


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