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TV Antenna

Fraccaro LP345mf

LP345MF - LP antenna

LP345MF is Italian made and supplied pre-assembled and is very easy to connect. The "F" connector is contained close to the mast. A perfect combination of the dipole design ensures high consistency RF connectivity. Clamps used for mounting the boom have brilliant mechanical strength.

  • These antennas have good electrical characteristics.
  • F connector cover is secured with a clamp bayonet.
  • Italian made

PU4AF UHF Antenna

These panel antennas are characterized by a high gain steel reflector, and aluminum elements.

This type of antenna is great for use in areas surrounded by trees.

UHF Yagi Antenna

Yagi aerials 10BL45F, channels E21-E69, 12.5 dB gain, F / B of 24dB, with a four-element reflector.

Yagi Antenna:

  • F-type connector
  • 4-element reflector
  • Good electrical characteristics
  • Small size

01BUWX16 UHF Antenna


  • F-Type High Performance Balun
  • Snap out reflectors
  • Stainless Steel screws on connection points
  • Designed and tested for digital reception
  • Heavy Duty construction on all components
  • Elevation/Tilt bracket included
  • Can be vertically or horizontally mounted
  • Tough Powder coated finish
  • UV stabilized plastics
  • Bifurcated rivets - Strongest in the industry


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