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Caravan Antennas

 Vast HD Satellite Full Kit

High definition satellite receivers specifically designed for the Australian VAST Satellite TV service. Suitable for regional and remote areas and receives all freeview channels. Also ideal for caravans and motor homes. Model DSD4121PVRREADY enables TV program recording by connecting your hard drive via the units USB2.0 port and includes a new design PVR remote control. Comes with everything you will need to set up your system and works Australia wide. If you can see the sky you will get a signal.

  • STi7111 Secure Silicon core
  • MPEG-2/4 HD compliant
  • DVB-S2 Front end
  • F-Type Satellite input
  • IRDETO secure silicon conditional access
  • 450 MHz core processor
  • Over-the-Air secure software download
  • HDMI output
  • Component video output
  • Coaxial S/PDIF digital audio output
  • Dolby digital audio
  • Subtitles
  • Stereo audio outputs
  • USB 2.0 interface (a function of the DSD4121PVRREADY)
  • 8 Day electronic program guide
  • Compliant with Australian VAST services

Hi-Gain Indoor Digital VHF/UHF TV Antenna and Amplifier

This indoor Digital TV antenna includes an amplifier with variable gain up to 36dB. The amplifier is fitted with a 1.5m long TV-Out cable that is terminated with a male 'F' connector. The unit operates from a 12 volt mains adaptor that is included.

  • VHF band 45 ~ 239 MHz
  • UHF band 470 ~ 860 MHz
  •  VHF gain 30dB 
  • UHF gain 36dB
  • Dipole length 1.12m
  • 12 volt plug pack included
  • Size approx 180(W) x 180(D)mm

The HW-DT8 (Dual Loop) Antenna

Happy Wanderer have introduced the new DT8 HD Digital Phased Array antenna to its range replacing the more expensive Active 1 DX2700 antenna which our supplier has ceased production.

The DT8's new & radical Dual Loop patented design gives consistent high gain as well as good front to back ratio, giving a superior performance over a long distance in country locations. It has forgiving aiming characteristics with a 70 degree beam width which allows the DT8 to receive a signal without having to be pointing directly towards the transmission tower.


The T-Bar Antenna

The Happy Wanderer T-bar Antenna is simple to erect and stow away. It tunes to both horizontal and vertical polarized signals and can pick up UHF/VHF TV and FM radio reception, as well as being able to pick up digital signals.

The original T-Bar antenna is a budget priced Digital Ready antenna which can be coupled with our optional Amplifier/Booster (See item HW024G listed below under other products) to enhance its performance. The T-Bar antenna has proven over time to be one of Australia's favorite RV antenna's with over 120,000 units sold in our 20yr history.


The Nifti Nomad

The new generation in Caravan TV antenna, featuring segmented looped dipole and integrated balun to enhance UHF performance. The antenna comes complete with mast pole, fully fitted coaxial cable, mounting brackets, screws and compact carry bag for storage. VHF channels 2 - 12 UHF channels 21 - 69


The Nifti Vantenna

A compact and versatile antenna that is suitable for reception of all analogue and digital TV signals Australia wide. The antenna comes complete with mast mounting brackets and carry bag for storage. VHF channels 0 - 12 UHF channels 28 - 69


Other Products

TV Signal Finder

A great new product we have obtained from overseas, is this small hand held signal tester unit that attaches to the antenna lead at point lead goes into TV for powered and boosted TV antennas or before lead is plugged into the outside of caravan for non powered antennas.

This unit has a scale of WEAK to STRONG with LED lights coming on as the stronger signal is found. You simply move your antenna 360 degrees in horizontal & vertical mode to find the strongest signal reading.


Satellite Finder

 This is an instrument to make dish aiming a snap! Find satellites fast with our satellite finder and save countless hours of frustration as you try to align your dish. This is the same meter installers have used for years but now available to the general consumer at a reasonable price. It's an absolute must for portable systems like those in RVs or anyone installing their own satellite dish.



For use when your TV Antenna needs boosting in fringe areas or where the signal is weakened by buildings or trees.

  • Masthead type booster has been modified to allow booster to be installed inside caravan. With only a 4 metre lead from our antenna, signal loss is insignificant.
  • Digital ready. Optimised for both digital and analogue TV signal amplification.No extra leads are required - we supply everything you need.
  • Just plug in the power supply to a 240V outlet in your van, connect the coaxial leads supplied with the unit and boost is automatic.
  • The booster can be easily bypassed when it is not required.
  • 12 volt model available.
  • An ultra wide band, low noise masthead amplifier specifically designed for combined UHF/VHF antennae (all Happy Wanderer models).
  • Field tested by the manufacturer and Happy wanderer.
  • Variable VHF and fixed 24dBUHF gain.
  • Short circuit protected.
  • Also boosts other caravan antenna types.
  • We give 10 year warranty on booster models.

Kingray SA164F

TheSA164F is a single input 4 Way VHF/UHF Splitter Amplifier. It incorporates Fconnectors.

Splitter Amplifiers are primarily designed to split and amplify signals that areof acceptable quality to one outlet ‘unamplified’, but when split to two or more, noticeable deterioration is present. Kingray provide a complete rangefor all applications. The latest release of splitter amplifiershave been designed for superiorperformance within the digital and analogue terrestrial environment. The characteristics of the components selected provide a very low noise figure, a high output level and high return loss.


TV Cable Connector

A waterproof, permanent solution to trailing TV antenna cables around your caravan.

  • Digital and Satellite ready.
  • Ideal replacement product - replace faulty previously installed fittings.
  • Fix and forget - nothing to break.
  • Do it yourself - quick and easy using drill and screws only.
  • No wiring connections.
  • Adjustable to suit various van wall thicknessees from 22mm to 35mm
  • Parts available from us for over 35 mm to any thickness.
  • Rubber weather cap on exterior keeps out moisture.


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